The Reading Room – What’s The SCOOP?


By Philip Spagnoli Stoten Founder of SCOOP

Now in a regular Friday spot, this is the Reading Room, a weekly roundup of what we’ve been reading, watching and listening to. You can see these updates even more regularly if you follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

PODCAST OF THE WEEK: Excuse the self-indulgence, but Mike Konrad’s podcast, Reliability Matters is a favorite of mine and has regularly featured in this column. I finally made it onto his guest list. Check out our chat from SMTAi in September, where we discuss frustrations with Industry 4.0, disruption to EMS in 2020 and plenty more. Thanks Mike!!

MORE FROM PRODUCTRONICA: We continue to edit and post more videos from Productronica, check out the Productronica 2019 playlist on our YouTube channel. Of those recently added I particularly enjoyed host “That SCOOPshow – the Aegis Special” with both Michael Ford and Jason Spera on screen together for the first time.

That’s it until next week! For more regular musing connect or follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Read more, watch more, hear more, know more – that’s the SCOOP!

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