North American Switch Market Sales Up 3% and Bookings 4% Better for First Half of 2018 Versus 2017, Says TTI, Inc.

Total reported sales for all switch categories in North America for Q2 of 2018 were 6% above the previous quarter and 2% better than observed in the second quarter of 2017. Sales units for Q2 2018 totaled came in 3% more than units sold in Q1 and 2% below Q2 of 2017.

The total booking dollars reported for all switch categories in North America for Q2 2018 ran 1% less than the previous quarter and 3% higher than Q2 2017. The first quarter’s book-to-bill ratio for dollars was 0.995. Booking units in Q2 2018 were 5% above Q1. The first quarter’s book-to-bill ratio for units was 0.959.

The second quarter versus the first shows total sales dollars up 6% on the strength of the majority of categories. Units were also up for the majority types and increased 3% in total.  Prices were up 3% in total with four of eight categories improving. The comparison to the second quarter of 2017 has dollars increasing 2% and over half the categories saw dollars increase. Units were higher for most categories but down 2 % in total. Pricing from a year ago down for the majority of categories but higher in total by 4% on a mix shift to higher priced product. Year to date 2018 versus 2017, shows total dollars up 3% and less than 1% for units. Selling prices were up 3% as most switches gained ground.



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