Supply Chain

How to Survive the Ongoing Component Shortage

Throughout 2017 and into 2018, the electronics industry has been suffering from the largest component shortage in supply chains since 2010. Unprecedented lead-times are stretching past 30 weeks or more. A short-term solution isn’t in the cards, as experts expect the shortage to last well into 2018.

Double Ordering of Electronic Components Hits ‘All-Time High’

Component shortages, especially for passives, continue to be felt throughout the industry. Here supply chain specialists, Barbara Jorgensen and Gina Roos delve into exactly why that’s occurring and what we can expect in coming quarters.

“Although the electronics supply chain has been dancing around the issue of double ordering for several quarters, a recent Morgan Stanley report finds there’s been a “significant uptick” in double ordering that has extended component lead times even further. Evidence of double ordering also has analysts questioning the sustainability of the current component-demand upcycle.”


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