Jabil Kuatro’s Olha Omelianenko Inspires Local College Students

Currently, women make up only about 30 percent of the information and communication technologies (ICT) field in Europe – an industry with about 7 million people (World Economic Forum, 2018). With similar trends across the globe, including the United States where women hold a little over 25 percent of information technology positions (NCWIT, 2018), females currently in the field are jumping into action to positively impact the future of the workforce.

EMSNOW Executive Interview: Don Charron Kimball Electronics

With over 5300 employees, nine global manufacturing facilities and this year achieving $1 billion in revenue, Kimball Electronics has staying power and solid value. EMSNOW caught up with Kimball Electronics’ CEO Don Charron for his special insights into Kimball’s strategy and the EMS industry’s growth challenges and opportunities.


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