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Executive Interview: Luis Antonio García, General Manager, Rehm Thermal Systems Mexico

Luis Antonio Garcia finished his engineering Bachelor Degree at the University of Guadalajara in 1994, and then studied for a Master’s Degree in Physics in Optics at the INAOE, focused in Opto-Electronics, which he attained in 1997. He joined Rehm Thermal Systems in 2013 where he is General Manager of their operations in Mexico. We asked him to give us his perspective on current trends.

EMSNOW Mexico Executive Interview: Jim Villalvazo, Interlatin

Interlatin is a team of highly qualified engineers with a long history of innovation and leadership in consulting, testing, design and manufacturing of tools for the electronics industry in Mexico. Recently, Interlatin was honored with two industry awards for its “Cobra” stencil solution. EMSNOW Mexico sat down with Interlatin’s Jim Villalvazo to find out more about this award and the future of innovation in Mexico.

EMSNOW Executive Interview: Marco Duarte, Corporate Sales Director, IKOR

IKOR is a global EMS serving customers on all five continents and all key, emerging and mature markets from plants in Spain, Mexico and China. Recently, IKOR was acquired by ebm-papst; in addition, the company welcomed as it new corporate sales director Marco Duarte, who spent 10 years with ebm-papst. We caught up with Marco recently because the merger of a fan and motor manufacturer with an EMS is not something that happens every day, and we wanted to find out more about the strategy.

EMSNOW Executive Interview: AIM Solder’s Oscar Lopez

AIM is a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry with facilities located throughout North and South America, EMEA, and Asia. The company recognized the need to provide dedicated local support while keeping a global perspective. They have solidified their global presence by expanding into more than a dozen support and manufacturing facilities throughout the world, including Mexico. We caught up with AIM’s National Sales Manager in Mexico, Oscar Lopez to find out more about AIM Mexico.


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