How to Survive the Ongoing Component Shortage

Throughout 2017 and into 2018, the electronics industry has been suffering from the largest component shortage in supply chains since 2010. Unprecedented lead-times are stretching past 30 weeks or more. A short-term solution isn’t in the cards, as experts expect the shortage to last well into 2018.

Exhibitor Highlights – SMT Hybrid Packaging Nuremberg June 5-7

With no Productronica this year, SMT Hybrid Packaging  will be the premier event in Germany for the electronics manufacturing sector. The show, taking place in Nuremberg between June 5th and 7th, will be the venue of numerous discussions around Industry 4.0 and other major topics for the industry. The show also provides a unique insight into the current state of the German domestic market.

How to Make Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Smarter, Faster, and Leaner

Today’s PCBs are extremely complex with consumer demand for electronic products that do more in a smaller form factor, at an affordable cost. These factors drive various creative manufacturing applications. The ideal design for manufacturing (DFM) solution must serve products regardless of complexity. How do we improve DFM for PCBs? How do we make DFM accessible to more people? How can the DFM process be streamlined with optimized designs released to manufacturing during the initial design process?


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