MADE IN Episode #8 with Ram Dornala, Vice President of Wistron

Bringing the perspective of the large Taiwanese EMS, Ran Dornala, Vice President of Wistron, joins Ron Keith and Philip Stoten to share his views on all thing manufacturing and supply chain. The conversation covers everything from shifting supply chain geographies to government incentives as we head toward the US presidential election. Candid insight from industry experts is the order of the day.

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Virtual SMTAi Show Preview 2020

What a year! Do you remember early February of this year, when we were all together in the beautiful San Diego sunshine? The major worries were about the wildfires in Australia. We had just arrived at a new decade, and the forecasts were very rosy for the electronics industry. We heard about 5G, self driving cars, the explosion of electronics in every aspect of our lives that would lead to astounding growth. If you mentioned Zoom meetings, no one would know what you were talking about. But here we are…

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MES Now!

Almost every MES solution on the market today, comes with many forms of compromise that impact deployment and limit potential values, which become increasingly significant over time. As we now turn to such solutions to deliver the next chapter of digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0, what should we be looking for, and what should we definitely avoid? Is it still the case that holding off making the decision is the best way forward? What should our modern “MES Now” strategy be? Aegis’ Michael Ford asks and answers.

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