Hardware Platform Choices for the Industrial HMI: How to Ensure a Fast Start and a Strong Finish

Small computer boards originally intended for educational use have been enthusiastically adopted for industrial applications. Although effective for fast proof-of-concept work engineers need to consider how they will ultimately industrialise the finished product and may need to consider porting to a more suitable hardware platform at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Mindfulness to Fine Tune Your Leadership Inner Game 

Leadership effectiveness is a primary factor in business performance. Leaders in the 90th percentile on 360 degree competency assessments produce twice the results of those in the 10th to 89th percentile, according to a heavily researched book The Extraordinary Leader, by Zenger and Folkman (2009).  And yet leadership challenges continue to grow. Here, Bill Bradford, CEO of the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) explains how practicing mindfulness can improve your effectiveness.

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Next-Gen Microelectronics Design: Manufacturing Challenges and Opportunities

The innovations driving the development of technically sophisticated, smaller electronics are transforming the electronics assembly landscape. Hardware manufacturers are under pressure to achieve new advancements in miniaturization, improve device performance, lower costs and speed time-to-market. Celestica’s Microelectronics Lab in Newmarket plays a key role in helping OEMs manufacture these devices.

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How can electronics manufacturers reduce their environmental impact?

When it comes to assessing an organisation’s environmental impact, 14001: 2015 is arguably the most widely regarded standard.This globally acknowledged framework has been established by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and provides a holistic approach to integrating environmental sustainability into every element of a business’s day-to-day operations….

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