Eric Miscoll

From the Publisher: What Is Regionalization?

Build in region for that region!  There are lots of other terms that have been floating around about this idea for the past few years: on-shoring, re-shoring, right-shoring, repatriation, and so on, but the definitive trend in the electronics industry is regionalization.

From the Publisher: EMS Industry — Then and Now

We thought it would be fun to do a series of articles about how the industry has evolved. Since we’ve been collecting data and writing about it for so long, we know what we’ve been saying, so over a few beers recently, we took a walk down memory lane to some of the trends that we forecast over the last decade or so. We decided to explore which predictions have panned out, and which have been wrong turns. We felt pretty good about our forecasts, to be honest (although this could be the beer talking).

Introducing Jennifer Read, EMSNow’s New Editor

By Eric Miscoll, Publisher, EMSNow
When I took the reins of EMSNow last year I wanted to combine everything I appreciated about the publication as a reader for the last fifteen years, with my vision of what would be the ideal tool to deliver relevant information and insight for the next fifteen years.


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