The Reading Room – My Final Day

Wow, it’s my last day at the editor’s desk! For two weeks, while Jennifer took a well-earned break, I’ve been guest editor on EMSNOW. I’ve been taking the liberty of posting some daily musings. My day typically starts with my own “reading room”, a review of my favorite news sources, including this publication. Here’s what caught my eye over my morning coffee on my last day at the helm.

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Clouded Judgment

Let’s just fantasize for a moment, that at some point in the future, our currently evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) cloud-based software, gains some sort of sentience, and starts to talk with us about their time “growing up”. With respect to the current manufacturing environment, as we transition towards Industry 4.0, what would the AI tell us about the way we are treating them right now. Would we be seen as friend, or foe?

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EMSNOW Executive Interview: Carl Hung, CEO of Season Group

Season Group is a vertically integrated electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider that started out in China making cable assemblies. Founder Patrick Hung handed over the reins of the company to his son, Carl, in 2016. Since then, the company has gone through a rebranding and some key acquisitions. We caught up with Carl to learn more about the future direction of this vibrant global company.

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