If People Are Truly Your #1 Asset, Then Act Like it!

The electronics manufacturing industry is producing new and impressive tools that are intended to make processes more efficient, improve quality and minimize human error. But ultimately, these tools are only as good as the humans that wield them. Here EMSNOW Publisher Eric Miscoll discusses how to protect a company’s more important asset.

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EMSNOW Mexico Executive Interview: Juan F. Fregoso and Julian Searle, Supply Chain Resource Group

Supply Chain Resource Group (Formerly Riverwood Solutions Inc.) helps OEMs and Brand Owning Enterprises (BOEs) optimize their operations. The company provides operations consulting and managed supply chain services to technology product companies on a global basis.  As such, they see what is happening ‘on the ground’ as OEMs make their manufacturing decisions in response to geopolitical events. EMSNOW Mexico caught up with Supply Chain Resource Group’s Juan F. Fregoso, Managing Director, Mexico and Europe Ops and Julian Searle, Vice President Business Development to find out what they are seeing.

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