Barco Silex leaves Barco and becomes Silex Inside

Barco Silex, a leading provider of Security and Video IP cores, has entered into an agreement with a group of private investors acquiring all shares of Barco Silex.

The new Silex Inside team is proud to announce that on December 31st, 2017, the management team of Barco Silex completed the MBO of the business from Barco in partnership with a group of private investors under the lead of Vehold BV. The Transaction was not leveraged and fully funded in cash paid by the Investors. As a result of this ownership change, the name ‘Barco Silex’ has been changed to ‘Silex Inside’.

“This MBO is a natural outcome of our strategy and roadmap for security IP cores, video compression and transport solutions. We believe that securing IoT devices and communications (from cloud to end-point) and transporting video over IP networks are mandatory requirements of many applications of the connected world. This is particularly true in the many booming market segments such as the IoT, the connected vehicles and high quality video streaming.” said Thierry Watteyne CEO of the new Silex Inside.

“The ambitious program of Silex Inside is driven by the recognition from the market and our customers for the high quality and high flexibility of our security and video solutions. In addition, the renewed focus and dedication of our company will help our developers to push our embedded security and video products to the next level” continued Watteyne.

The Silex Inside core products remain unchanged: Embedded Security IP cores and Video compression and transport solutions, including focused design consultancy services for those markets. Silex Inside will continue to strengthen its solutions and tailor them to the evolving needs of its customers in the fast growing market. Being part of a lighter and financially strong structure will enable great innovation, quality and agility through our activities.

Silex Inside continues to support and honor the current running projects and legacy agreements with great dedication.


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