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EMS@C-LEVEL Episode #24 Audrey McGuckin Leadership Solutions

Philip Stoten spoke to Audrey McGuckin, one of the EMS industry foremost experts on the development of leadership and talent to find out exactly what good leadership means to a business, how it can be developed, and the leadership qualities needed now and in the future. Very few have the deep domain expertise and industry knowledge that Audrey McGuckin has.

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Movie Monday – The Virtual Eric Miscoll Show (The EMS) with Bright Machines and MacroFab

Post COVID-19, expect digital transformation to accelerate and digital disruptors, like today’s panelists to become increasingly relevant. Amar Hanspal, Bright Machine CEO and Misha Govshteyn, MarcoFab CEO join Eric Miscoll and Philip Stoten to explore how they fared through the crisis and how they see a different future for electronic manufacturing.

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MADE IN Episode #1 – Mike McNamara, PCH International’s Chairman, and former FLEX CEO

Off to a flying start, MADE IN, hosted by Ron Keith of the Supply Chain Resources Group and Philip Stoten of Forbes and SCOOP, welcomed former FLEX CEO and PCH International Chairman Mike McNamara. Next week we welcome Mark Mondello, CEO of JABIL to MADE IN, Register at

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