Author: Phil Stoten

What Manufacturers Want From The Next POTUS

It’s election day in the US next week and the candidates are lining up on many issues, not least this year’s pandemic and the future of the economy. This year, more than ever, supply chains, manufacturing geographies and manufacturing jobs have been hotly debated. Concerns over dependance on China, on supply chain agility and on resilience to disruption have been central in multiple debates.

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MADE IN Episode #8 with Ram Dornala, Vice President of Wistron

Bringing the perspective of the large Taiwanese EMS, Ran Dornala, Vice President of Wistron, joins Ron Keith and Philip Stoten to share his views on all thing manufacturing and supply chain. The conversation covers everything from shifting supply chain geographies to government incentives as we head toward the US presidential election. Candid insight from industry experts is the order of the day.

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EMS@C-LEVEL Episode #24 Audrey McGuckin Leadership Solutions

Philip Stoten spoke to Audrey McGuckin, one of the EMS industry foremost experts on the development of leadership and talent to find out exactly what good leadership means to a business, how it can be developed, and the leadership qualities needed now and in the future. Very few have the deep domain expertise and industry knowledge that Audrey McGuckin has.

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