EMSNOW’s Response to COVID-19

Now more than ever you and your marketing team need trusted and reliable vehicles to get your company’s information to your customers. With face-to-face opportunities drastically curtailed, your customers are online almost continuously during the workday, hungry for data and insights.

EMSNOW’s audience is turning to us for that critical information. We have been posting the latest research and survey results from ECIA, IPC, IDC, SEMI, IC Insights, Ron Keith, Dieter Weiss, Philip Stoten and many other experts in the electronics manufacturing industry. They are busy updating 2020 forecasts and surveying global manufacturers and we post this data the day we get it.
In order to provide these updates about the industry’s response to this unprecedented crisis, we will be adding a new information platform that will launch in April called the EMSNOW Information Marketplace.
Now our advertisers can post white papers, webinars, podcasts and videos and reach their customers directly.This platform will be sent out twice weekly to our subscriber base of industry decision-makers to support you in getting your company information out to the industry in a timely and safe manner
We invite you to consider posting. We have priced this platform very competitively.
For more information, please contact Ray Tompkins, Advertising Sales Manager at 281-313-1004; rttgmt@comcast.net.
We will continue to provide the industry with the latest data and insights as together we navigate these uncharted waters. Please stay healthy and keep in touch. We’ll figure this out together.

Best wishes,
Eric Miscoll, Publisher
Jennifer Read, Editor

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