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EMSNOW was launched in 2002 to provide the Electronics Manufacturing Sector, and its supporting supplier and customer bases, with a single, real-time information and analysis source covering the global aspects of this critical industry. EMSNOW focuses on the business of the EMS industry.

As a truly global industry, business leaders need to understand and act upon events in Asia, Europe, and North America. The EMS sector runs 24 hours a day. You can’t. So EMSNOW brings the world to you every day in a concise and information rich format. Unlike other sites, which just bring you press releases, EMSNOW also brings you news analysis, financial analysis, opinions and judgments by industry leaders and visionaries, and access to research that will give you better insights to markets and trends.

By the time you read weekly or monthly publications, others may have already acquired, digested, and acted on the news you’re just reading. EMSNOW uses journalists and contacts around the world so information is always fresh and always relevant. Regardless of where you fit in the electronics manufacturing “food-chain”, you face difficult decisions:

  • As an OEM you have to decide what product to outsource, which contract manufacturer(s) to use, and the proper timing and geography among other factors.
  • As an EMS company you need to plan capacity, capture contracts from OEMs, manage your supply chain, open and close plants, re-capitalize equipment, move into new technologies, and plan staffing and stay in tune with competitors.
  • As a PCB fabricator, assembly equipment supplier, test equipment vendor, consumables vendor, software vendor, etc. your decisions are linked to the OEMs and EMS companies that ultimately create value by using your products.
  • Investors and industry analysts require the same information in order to assess where and when to invest.

EMSNOW analyzes the companies, the leaders, the technologies, and the finances that drive the EMS industry. And we deliver this analysis to you, every business day!



For Editorial – Jennifer Read, Editor, JRead@emsnow.com

Eric Miscoll, Publisher, EMiscoll@emsnow.com



For Sales – Ray Tompkins, Advertising Sales Manager, rttgmt@comcast.net

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