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EMSNOW’s Icons of Industry: Koichi Nishimura

It may come as a surprise to the youngsters out there in the industry – at a time when it’s the software wunderkinds that are getting the $50,000 signing bonuses at graduation – that there was a time when electronics manufacturing was very cool.  The best and the brightest STEM geniuses were trying to figure out how to make electronics smaller, lighter and faster and that meant that the fledgling EMS industry was the career choice that was changing the world. Our Icon of Industry this month is emblematic of this kind of cool…

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EMSNOW Icons of Industry: Manfred Zollner, Zollner Elektronik AG

By many accounts, Zollner’s success is nearly unbelievable. They were a small family business that changed the course of an entire region. Manfred Zollner chose to start this industry in the middle of nowhere and truly believed that the business existed to help people in the community achieve a better life. This is why Manfred Zollner is one of the Icons of the EMS Industry.

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