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General Information

EMSNowTV is the industry's first free, video sharing medium and is the easiest way to demonstrate products, services or consumables to the widest array of industry decision makers and influencers. EMSNowTV is literally, a 24/7 television channel piped directly to the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry.

As the marketing decision maker for your organization you are the producer for your EMSNowTV content. You are free to upload videos to EMSNowTV as you wish to deliver a news message, a new product introduction or even to introduce new employees to the industry. It is up to you - creativity and flexibility at the right price!

Upon submission your video will be rapidly assigned to a Subject Channel. EMSNowTV viewers surf the Subject Channels and select which videos to watch.

Purchase your own Vendor Channel
You invest significant time and money into producing videos to deliver a specific message. Your return on investment occurs when clients and prospective clients see the videos. You can assure exclusivity on EMSNowTV by owning your own Vendor Channel. Your own exclusive Vendor Channel lets EMSNowTV viewers know immediately that your organization has important video programming on the channel. Your own Channel enables viewers to see all your video selections on one page and allows you to present a seamless message to our viewers. The number of Vendor Channels supported on EMSNowTV will be limited so don't hesitate.

For more information on purchasing your own Vendor Channel contact Russ Conde

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