Pamela Gordon

Senior Sustainability Consultant at Antea Group ​| CEO Technology Forecasters

Expertise: Creating profitable sustainability strategies especially in the electronics industry, Designing efficient products and supply chains, Coaching executives in sustainable-business leadership.

Serves as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) at Tech Companies desiring numerous business, environmental, and competitive benefits.

Wrote the book on “Lean and Green.” Keynoter, author, and thought-leader on profitable and responsible businesses. Teaches Eco-Design to electronic-product designers and engineering students .

Serves as judge for The CleanTech Open, and on Boards for Eco-Catalyst Inc., Technology Forecasters Inc., and (formerly) Institute of Management Consultants.

CEO of Technology Forecasters Inc. (since 1987), a strategic consulting firm helping companies thrive through best-practice supply chains and profitable sustainability.

Formed the Executive Think Tank on Supply Chain ― mapping a successful, responsible future for the tech industry. Certified Climate Reality Leader.

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