Jean Chu, Shanghai; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES

Zhaoxin Semiconductor, a leading China maker of x86 processors, expects its annual CPU sales to double for two consecutive years in 2017-18 due to its successful penetration into government procurement platforms and new application segments such as thin clients, AI (artificial intelligence) monitoring, industrial control machines, and cloud servers, the firm’s vice president Fu Cheng has disclosed.

Fu made the disclosure while attending the 19th China International Industrial Fair running Nov. 7-11 at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center.

At the fair, the company debuted its new generation KX-5000 series processors developed in house along with cloud servers and commercial-use office solutions. Available in 4-core and 8-core architectures, the processor is China’s first CPU to support DDR4 memory, and features SOC design adopting 28nm HKMG process of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), according to Fu.

He revealed that the company will soon move to develop KX-6000 series processors on 16nm process.

Fu said that KX-5000 series processors are equipped with Window 10 government-version operating system provided by C&M Information Tech, a joint venture between Microsoft and China Electronics Technology Group. Many China-made computer devices such as Lenovo M6100 desktops, Lenovo CF03-T notebooks, Tongfang Chaoxiang Z8304 desktops and Biens XCD 10 micro desktops have adopted KX-5000 processors and tapped into the procurement platform of Shanghai city government, Fu added.

He pointed out that Zhaoxin’s annual CPU shipments are estimated to surge at least 100% on year to reach 100,000 sets in 2017, and are expected to double again in 2018. Besides stable growth in orders from the government sector, the firm’s efforts in developing new CPU applications such as those for thin clients, AI back-end monitoring, small to medium industrial control machines and cloud storage servers have also paid off, bolstering the company’s CPU sales.

Source: DigiTimes