Industry 4.0

Manufacturers Must Embrace Digitalization to Retain Competitive Edge

As Industry 4.0 takes hold, there may be a tendency to rush into M2M connectivity without carefully analyzing the data collection processes already in place. Jason Chester of InfinityQS reminds us in this piece of how important it is to get the right IT systems in place to accurately digitalize the data that actually matters for each manufacturing environment.

Dynamic EMS’ John Dignan Discusses 2018 Technology Trends

Next in our series of interviews of EMS companies, we have John Dignan, managing director of Dynamic-EMS, a UK company with an interesting history. In this article, John shares his views on developing and growing markets, which he believes will impact the scope of services contract Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) offer.

SCOOPstudio Roundtable APEX 2018: Mexico Update

Eric Miscoll, Publisher EMSNOW, discusses EMS industry in Mexico with three insiders: Dr. Bill Cardoso, President at Creative Electron, Inc., Ramon Hernandez, Mexico Sales Manager for Koh Young and Ivan Romo, Director of SMarTsol. They tackle Industry 4.0 adoption in Mexico, evolution of the industry there; whether politics on either side of the border will affect manufacturing and much more. Listen in for a taste of last week’s APEX 2018 show.


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