EMSNOW Executive Interview: Steve Frisch, COO of Plexus on Manufacturing in Guadalajara

Since 1979, Neenah, Wisconsin-headquartered Plexus has been partnering with companies, in their words, “to create the products that build a better world.”  No small vision, but with over 16,000 employees worldwide  providing Design and Development, Supply Chain Solutions, New Product Introduction, Manufacturing, and Aftermarket Services,  Plexus is an industry leader that specializes in serving customers with complex products used in demanding regulatory environments.  Their heartland inspired culture is built around innovation and customer service.

How to Put “Design” Back into DFT for PCBs

PCB production and design-for-test (DFT) engineers typically work in different silos with limited communication, making test costly and ineffective. This issue is important particularly for industries where reliability and quality means protecting human life, such as the automotive and medical industries.

Before you buy a cobot…

As more companies are turning to robotic automation to get ahead, now is the time to take stock, assess the application and make informed business decisions. Automating manufacturing processes is a complex issue without a one-size-fits-all solution. Some processes call for cobots, a breed of robots designed to share a workspace with human workers, but some really are more suited to traditional industrial robots.

Top 5 Ways to Mitigate PCB Component Availability Problems

The electronics design world is by now aware that we’re in a very serious period of components shortages. The hardest hit seem to be ceramic capacitors, but other passives as well as a variety of connectors and silicon parts are also caught up in the shortage storm. Allocation and shortages hit every few years, but this one seems to be the worst in recent memory. It could be a problem until 2020 and the supply chain and world of components manufactures will likely be a different animal coming out of it.

Designing for Cleanrooms

There’s a lot to consider when designing a robot for a cleanroom application. You’re bringing together two genres of priorities, that of the robot; to be precise, smooth and long-lasting, and that of the environment; to prevent contamination in accordance with industry standards. Here, Chris Johnson, managing director of precision bearing expert, SMB Bearings, explains why you need to consider both these genres when choosing cleanroom bearings.

EMSNOW Executive Interview: Celestica’s Rob Mionis

CEO Robert Mionis joined Celestica nearly three years ago with a mandate to increase profitable growth. During that time, he has been singularly focused on becoming an essential technology partner with companies in highly regulated industries like aerospace and medical; he has led Celestica in a transformational realignment of all its efforts, centered on its Advanced Technology Services group.

In 1994, Celestica was spun off from IBM as a wholly owned subsidiary; in 1996, it was Acquired by Onex Corporation (TSE:OCX) and the Celestica management from IBM, the founders of the company, and thereupon became one of the...


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