Why EMS diversification is more important now than ever before

EMSNOW asked Benchmark’s Chief Technology Officer Jan Janick to comment on technology trends and how EMS companies have responded to evolving customer requirements. “Because technology today is focused on the integration of emerging technologies into current product sets and in entirely new product capabilities, companies can no longer operate in a vacuum,” he contends.

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5G: The Future is Now

5G infrastructure will address the speed, latency and bandwidth issues that restrain today’s 4G networks. The advantages of 5G are significant: it is intended to offer huge increases in data rates—in excess of 10GBps—extremely low latency, and uniform coverage over a wide area, as well as a thousand-fold increase in capacity….In many respects, however, 5G will be a two-edged sword in that customer demand for new 5G mobile phones in 2019/20 is going to put additional strain on capacity within the electronic components supply network as components manufacturers and their distributors struggle to keep up with demand.

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