What’s in a Warranty?

By Dr. Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron Inc.
Last month we announced that our TruView x-ray systems would be the first in the industry to be supplied with a three-year warranty. This came as no surprise to our customers who have been enjoying the reliability of the TruView product for many years. But what does it mean to someone looking to invest in equipment for the first time and why is it so much more than ‘just a warranty’?

Revenue Goal: Is That All You Got?

Working with small companies, I spend a lot of time aligning sales objectives, goals, compensation plans and messaging with the company’s objectives. This may sound obvious, but each client has its own history, focus, people and process – and sometimes the above gets lost in actual practice.

How are Digital Transformation Strategies Changing?

Welcome to the digital age! It’s a perfect storm of epic proportion. Technology trends such as AI, Cloud, Mobility, IoT, 5G, Big Data and analytics all coming together; the growing and aging population, rapid urbanization, government and political policy shifts, Brexit, millennials entering the workplace, you name it, things all seem to be happening at the same time, don’t they?

Geographic Progressions

Over the 40 years that I have worked in electronic assembly processes, I have seen a lot of “evolutions”.  Besides equipment, materials and procedures, there have been what I will call “geographic progressions”.

Interview with Bestronics’ CEO Nat Mani

Silicon Valley-based Bestronics provides a wide range of manufacturing services, process engineering, test, design support, supply chain, reverse logistics, repair and failure analysis and program management services. EMSNOW connected with Bestronics’ CEO Nat Mani recently to understand how this company has positioned itself for Industry 4.0.


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