Semicon Industry in for an Exciting Decade Ahead: Lam Research India

Lam Research is a global leader in wafer fabrication equipment and services since 1980. It is the world’s second-largest semiconductor equipment manufacturer. Lam Research India was established for software development and support in 2000. Now, it provides hardware and software engineering design services, and plays a strategic role as part of the Product Engineering and Global Operations teams.

Using Data by Design: Digital Reinvention in Electronics

The global electronics industry is the cornerstone of the digital economy and the Internet of Things (IoT). Electronic devices act as conduits for users’ digital experiences, which are now seamlessly enabled and updated in the cloud. The industry’s digital device success has also introduced its latest challenge: going beyond the device. Leveraging data to drive insights is key to delivering greater value. Doing so requires electronics firms to flawlessly integrate hardware, software, services and data while learning from and adapting to users

The “Popular Mechanics Engineer”

We have a term we use at my consulting firm to depict an engineer with limited experience and knowledge in the science of electronic assembly – the processes, equipment, materials, design, etc.. In place of actual experience, usually through no fault of their own, but rather due to short tenure in the assembly environment, most of his or her knowledge has been gained by what they have read – books, magazines, conference proceedings and the internet. (Of course, we all know that if it is on the internet, it must be true!) We call these people “Popular Mechanics Engineers”[i] (with all due respect to one of my favorite periodicals).

When the Soldering Specialist Bans Soldering Fume

Depending on PCB type and mounted components, different solder alloys and fluxes are utilized. During a soldering process, large parts of the fluxes and smaller portions of the solder evaporate. Resulting aerosols and particles are released into the process air. In addition to spreading unpleasant odors, they can cause severe illnesses to the personnel. Aldehydes, occurring from substances containing colophony, are particularly dangerous having carcinogenic potential.


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