EMSNOW Executive Interview: Don Charron Kimball Electronics

With over 5300 employees, nine global manufacturing facilities and this year achieving $1 billion in revenue, Kimball Electronics has staying power and solid value. EMSNOW caught up with Kimball Electronics’ CEO Don Charron for his special insights into Kimball’s strategy and the EMS industry’s growth challenges and opportunities.

EMSNOW Executive Interview: Celestica’s Rob Mionis

CEO Robert Mionis joined Celestica nearly three years ago with a mandate to increase profitable growth. During that time, he has been singularly focused on becoming an essential technology partner with companies in highly regulated industries like aerospace and medical; he has led Celestica in a transformational realignment of all its efforts, centered on its Advanced Technology Services group.

From the Publisher: What Is Regionalization?

Build in region for that region!  There are lots of other terms that have been floating around about this idea for the past few years: on-shoring, re-shoring, right-shoring, repatriation, and so on, but the definitive trend in the electronics industry is regionalization.

Wake up, time to get real

Recently, I read a study that claimed 9 out of 10 managers are making important decisions for their companies using intuition. Wikipedia describes intuition as the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired. What a nice description for basing decisions on a gut feeling. When analyzing the P/L statements of European EMS companies, it looks to this consultant that intuition is the preferred tool for many in EMS management.


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