SCOOPstudio Roundtable APEX 2018: Mexico Update

Eric Miscoll, Publisher EMSNOW, discusses EMS industry in Mexico with three insiders: Dr. Bill Cardoso, President at Creative Electron, Inc., Ramon Hernandez, Mexico Sales Manager for Koh Young and Ivan Romo, Director of SMarTsol. They tackle Industry 4.0 adoption in Mexico, evolution of the industry there; whether politics on either side of the border will affect manufacturing and much more. Listen in for a taste of last week’s APEX 2018 show.

UnPhiltered: Is China Manufacturing World Class?

By Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting
In less than three decades China has come from a “me, too” position to one of taking a lot of business from the rest of the world. While still most definitely Communist in government, China has certainly embraced capitalism in a way that would make old Karl Marx blush, and has risen from Third World status to the forefront in many industries.

Doing Business in Europe

For companies abroad, it is difficult to land orders in Europe if they do not have a base there. It is therefore not surprising that I occasionally receive calls from international EMS companies asking me how to approach the European market.

Digital Fire-Fighting

The act of  “putting out a fire” is related to the resolution of an immediate problem. Later we concern ourselves with the cause, the consequences, and what there is to learn, or so we think. Often, this next step is replaced by dealing with and putting out the next fire. The digital factory gives us prioritization of quality “hot-spots” that need to be dealt with, but in world-class operations, we need to make sure that we do the extra step, and do more than just put out the flames.

STEM Outreach: It’s That Simple

By Jennifer Read, EMSNOW Editor This week, we’ve introduced another new columnist, Karl Berger, who is an expert at EMS Business Development. He advises EMS companies on their sales and account management activities, one of the...


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